MURA Content Management System

Mura CMS helps you complete web, mobile, extranet & intranet projects faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


Mura CMS is an open-source Web Content Management System on the Adobe ColdFusion platform, that is built with one focused purpose in mind - to make it easier and faster for people to build and update websites.


Fast and Easy

Mura CMS's deep feature set and flexible framework enable the project team to complete a site in weeks, instead of months. MURA CMS is easy to learn and use. It allows even novice users to create and edit web content with no knowledge of HTML.


Incredibly Flexible

While Mura provides a full set of features out of the box, its open architecture allows us to make changes and enhancements at any time. Our programmers can customize MURA CMS extensively by using the MURA API while staying on the upgrade path.



MURA CMS can handle high-traffic sites clustered across multiple servers or be configured to run several mid-sized sites on a single server. It's scalable and powerful for enterprise use, but easy for small teams or individuals to work with.


SEO Friendly

Mura is a great CMS for SEO-focused website development. Mura outputs clear, semantically-correct code, uses human-readable URLS, and provides full control over all important page aspects (titles, URLs, meta information, etc.).


eMotions is a development agency based in Singapore and Switzerland. We are specialized in providing tailored solutions for web and intranet on the MURA CMS and Adobe ColdFusion platform.


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